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Perimeter Drainage Services

Perimeter Drainge

At H2O Pro Drainage, we construct and install perimeter drainage systems that are designed to last decades. Our experienced and skilled drainage team is prepared to perform whatever task is necessary to keep your property safe from water damage. We will inspect your current perimeter drainage system before making any recommendations to see whether your perimeter drain needs to be repaired or completely replaced.

What is a Perimeter Drain?

A perimeter drain moves water away from your home to keep it from seeping into your foundation. It is something that every properly designed house should have to keep the home from sustaining water damage. The methods used to make perimeter drains have changed over time and some older homes used materials that are more prone to damage than newer perimeter drain systems.

Benefits of Perimeter Drainage

Water damage to the foundation of a home can be extremely harmful and can occur when the perimeter drain is damaged or old. If a perimeter drain is working properly, its existence should barely be noticeable. When functioning properly, perimeter drainage keeps your basement or crawlspace dry, your foundation from eroding, and the ground around your home from becoming waterlogged. Exterior foundation drains that use high-quality materials and are installed properly can be expected to last decades. As many insurance plans do not cover certain types of basement flooding, having a proper perimeter drainage system in place is extremely important when it comes to protecting your home.